Most girls wear short skirts to show off their legs, so it probably wouldn't make any sense for a girl to also wear opaque thigh-high socks so long that they completely cover every inch of her skin. Yet, I'm all about out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to taking pictures. These pics show model Kylie Kohl wearing the same kind of long thigh-high socks worn by model Jess Robinson. She's also wearing a very short skirt and nothing else. Kylie looks gorgeous laying belly down on a comfy sofa with her left leg draped off the edge of the seat cushions. Other photos show Kylie laying on her back with her legs bent and positioned in way to show off her cotton clad thighs. Kylie scrunched her thigh-high socks down to her ankles and repeated many of the poses. There are 16 additional pics for members only. Enjoy! 😉