Cali Logan Looking Sexy in a Short Skirt and Knee-high Boots

Most say my work is classy-sexy, and I'm inclined to agree after posting these shots of Cali Logan. All the elements worked well together. Her wardrobe, which includes a very short skirt and knee-high boots, go well with the background. Her hair matches the wooden window frames, and her black outfit complements the luxurious furniture nicely. That's not all! Check out these five sexy pics of Cali posing topless. 😉

Nathan Guadalupe
Nathan has been doing model photography since 2007. His favorite genres include glamour, boudoir, and erotic photography. The thing that Nathan enjoys most about model photography is, of course, working with models. It's evident he has a keen eye for the female form, but he enjoys making small talk during a shoot. After all, models are also people with hopes and dreams like everyone else.