How to Wear a Short Skirt in the Winter

Kylie Kohl proves that a girl can get away with wearing a short skirt in the winter by wearing thigh-high socks that cover every inch of her long sexy legs.

Model Kylie Kohl Thigh-high Socks

Kylie Kohl Wearing Short Skirt on Sofa

It's winter, and I can't think of a better way for a girl with legs for miles to sport a teeny tiny skirt than to also wear really long thigh-high socks. These nicely-textured pair of thigh-highs are made of cotton, which are great for protecting a girl's soft skin from the bitter cold. Let's go couch surfing with Kylie Kohl as she demonstrates how to stay warm and sexy. The following gallery has five members-only pics of this gorgeous model lounging around wearing a really short skirt, thigh-high socks, and not much else. Enjoy 😉

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Nathan Guadalupe
Nathan has been doing model photography since 2007. His favorite genres include glamour, boudoir, and erotic photography. The thing that Nathan enjoys most about model photography is, of course, working with models. It's evident he has a keen eye for the female form, but he enjoys making small talk during a shoot. After all, models are also people with hopes and dreams like everyone else.

How to Wear a Short Skirt in the Winter

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