Spray-on pants?

Christina J Tight Jeans

Girl Denim Round Booty

This isn’t the handy-work of a body painter, these are actual jeans imported from Brazil! The model and I were amazed at how well they complemented her form, given that most women experience difficulty finding that perfect pair of jeans. She jokingly compared them to spray-on pants. I’m inclined to agree!

The following shot depicts model Stephy C wearing a pair of jeans imported from Brazil.

Stephy C Booty Tight Jeans

Both jeans were purchased online from GroovyJeans.com. I found their sizing information useful when selecting the right pair of jeans coinciding with a model's hip and waist size. The information provided in this page spared me the trouble of sending anything back.

Nathan Guadalupe
Nathan has been doing model photography since 2007. His favorite genres include glamour, boudoir, and erotic photography. The thing that Nathan enjoys most about model photography is, of course, working with models. It's evident he has a keen eye for the female form, but he enjoys making small talk during a shoot. After all, models are also people with hopes and dreams like everyone else.

Spray-on pants?

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