Sisi Cui in Thigh-highs: How to Color Coordinate

Color coordination might seem like a simple task to most when choosing what to wear, especially if they have an art background. Some, on the other hand, are clueless. Girls might even seek the help of their significant others for advice. Occasions aside, too many colors can make you look nutty while too little can make you look dull. I find that the easiest way to avoid this problem is to remember that black and white are not colors at all and, therefore, can be matched with any color: black trousers and a blue button-up shirt, or sheer white panties and pink thigh-high socks. It's that simple! 😛

The full 6-minute video is the first part of more to come. I'm not sure if those thigh-high socks qualify as actual thigh-highs because they fail to completely cover the model's legs. It could be that she just has really long legs.


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Nathan Guadalupe
Nathan has been doing model photography since 2007. His favorite genres include glamour, boudoir, and erotic photography. The thing that Nathan enjoys most about model photography is, of course, working with models. It's evident he has a keen eye for the female form, but he enjoys making small talk during a shoot. After all, models are also people with hopes and dreams like everyone else.

Sisi Cui in Thigh-highs: How to Color Coordinate

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