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4 FAQs

  • How often is the site updated?

    Quality trumps quantity! At T'n'A Media, we strive to deliver photos and videos at the highest possible quality. T'n'A Media is a one-man operation at the moment, which means that there is literally just one guy in charge of finding and scheduling shoots with models, doing shoots, editing, posting new content, and the list goes on. Top this off with a day job and you have one busy bloke. So basically, the site gets updated whenever the guy in charge, Nathan Guadalupe, feels like it. That's often considering he loves what he does, but having regular members helps keep him motivated.

  • Is T'n'A Media an art or porn site?

    That depends on the person viewing the content posted on T'n'A Media. Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that porn is like chairs. Both have distinct functions where porn is meant to help people become sexually aroused and chairs are made to give people objects to sit on. It's not common to see porn exhibited as art in galleries unlike chairs, which come in different shapes and sizes. The artist took the time to design a chair that's so unique it's worth appreciating this piece of furniture as a work of art. Yet some might see the chair for what it is, a chair, and nothing more.

    Likewise, some might see porn for what it is, just porn and nothing more. Nathan Guadalupe sees his work a bit differently. He appreciates the effort women put into their looks and endeavors to capture the female form in the most flattering ways possible. Whether or not T'n'A Media is a porn site is entirely up to the viewer.

  • How can I become a model for you?

    That's an easy one! Fill out our modeling form and we'll get in touch if we like what we see. We're only looking for open-minded female models between the ages of 18 and 30 at this time.

  • Is T'n'A Media safe?

    T'n'A Media takes the safety and privacy of its visitors and users seriously. We collect only the minimal amount of information necessary to offer the best possible user experience. All data is transferred securely using SSL encryption. T'n'A Media collects names and email addresses at signup; however, T'n'A Media DOES NOT collect any financial information for the purpose of buying membership directly. Like most pay sites, transactions are handled securely by a third-party payment processor. Read our privacy policy for more information.

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