Christina in Leg Warmers and Little Else

Christina short skirt

Christina J nudeThere are three additional images in this post. Christina starts off with her back towards the camera, sporting a black sweater and a very short plaid mini skirt. Afterwards, she turns around to reveal that she's wearing nothing under the black sweater. Christina ditches the sweater and skirt in the third shot. Her back is towards the camera again while sitting on a very comfy chair, wearing nothing but a black thong. She turns around again, posing on her back with her legs bending towards her body. I don't think I'm doing a very good job of describing these shots, so you'll just have to get a membership or use your imagination.

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Nathan Guadalupe
Nathan has been doing model photography since 2007. His favorite genres include glamour, boudoir, and erotic photography. The thing that Nathan enjoys most about model photography is, of course, working with models. It's evident he has a keen eye for the female form, but he enjoys making small talk during a shoot. After all, models are also people with hopes and dreams like everyone else.

Christina in Leg Warmers and Little Else

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